Ninja School

Winter Term

Dates for Ninja Schools Winter Term are from: 

January 13th - April 5th

We are running through half term!

We run activities during most half terms but we do not run regular classes in the Christmas, Easter or Summer breaks. Make sure to look out for our Ninja Camps in those times!

We will always announce the end & start date of each term by posting on Facebook and sending out a email to our mailing list. But remember to check before you turn up to a class!  

Ninja School

Ninja School classes are 75 minutes long and run during term time. We have three types of classes available: Fundamental, Intermediate & Advanced. All of these classes teach a blend of Brazilian Jiujitsu, Kickboxing and Mindfulness.

Ninja School Camps generally run 9:00am - 4:00pm outside term time. They are for all levels and include a slightly larger range of Martial Arts disciplines as well as academic subjects such as: Maths, Science, English and Critical Thinking. For more information on Ninja School Camps click the button bellow!  

How our membership works:

We are a subscription based venture & classes run during the school term, roughly 36 weeks per year. 


Students enroll for one term at a time and pay in one or two instalments. At the end of each term, as a Ninja Member, you have priority for the next.


The membership cost £145 per term (inc VAT) and payment is taking using an online platform called GoCardless. Each Ninja School session last 75 minutes & each Ninja Cubs session lasts 60 minutes. 

Discounts are available for siblings memberships and students who wish to do more than one class a week. Email us to find out more! 


Outside Term time Ninja School runs various pay as you go activities including: seminars, private sessions, holiday camps and more. 

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