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Our Team

Our Team

Harry Bovill -CEO & Founder 

I am the founder of Ninja School and a Social Entrepreneur. 


Three years prior to actualising Ninja School, I gained experience working on several international social projects with entrepreneurs at the Hub Westminster, Permaculture and the EU-supported group  Edgeryders. These projects centred around education & innovation, both which i had huge passion for. 

Ninja School is the product of the journey I have taken over the last five years and the Martial Arts class I wish I could have been part of as a child.

Jonathan Hatzimasouras - Co-Founder & Partner

I am one of the co-founder of Ninja School. I also have a BA in History from the University of Chichester and have competed and trained in sport for most of my life. 


I have been practising Brazilian Jiujitsu for three years and it has taught me valuable lessons that I hope to pass onto my students.

I believe Ninja School is a great way for kids to develop themselves. They will understand how to move and improve their bodies efficiently; how to expand mentally in understanding the importance of discipline, respect and teamwork; and most of all they will have a great time learning how to be Ninjas, making lots of friends on the way!!

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Miles Hayton - Co-founder 

Miles tragically left us too soon passing away in 2018.  During his time with us Miles was an essential part of developing the Ninja School. His memory and legacy will always remain. 'We love you Ninja Miles'.


I’m a full time athlete and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt, currently training at Urban Kings Gym I have won multiple gold medals on the national competition circuit. I've taught adult Brazilian Jiujitsu classes at SOAS & UCL University. I am therefore well placed to help the rest of the Ninja team improve their ability to perform and teach this particular Martial Art. 

My goal at Ninja School is to create a nurturing environment where kids can enjoy themselves and develop skills that will enrich their entire lives. I want to impart not only the ability to move intelligently, but also a positive mindset with which to face and overcome challenges.

Reece Fletcher - Co-Founder

I am a co founder of Ninja School and owner of my own movement and training company called ‘Guerrilla Movement’. I’m a certified personal trainer/class instructor, and boxing coach. I have been heavily involved in martial arts from a young age, competing at an amateur level as an adult in both Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing. 

I believe a disconnected and unused body leads to an uncomfortable mind and soul, and vice-versa.  Movement and training are about so much more than simply looking good, and being fit. My goal within and without Ninja School is to help to ground people, young and old,  so that they know, at the centre of their being, that they are in control of  themselves.

I’m passionate about the growth of Ninja School and the principles behind it as I fully believe that the movement-aware child is the future of humanity. I’m here to do my best to help kids grow in every way, and to give them a space which allows them to thrive in their own unique ways.


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