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Ninja School challenges are our way of connecting with our students and potential future students in these strange times!

They are completely free to take part in and you don't have to be a current member. We want to make sure any young wonnabe' ninja can get creative and learn to train with what they have! We will be there to support with videos and reply to any questions you might have.

For our members we have remote grading for Fire and Water stripes. Email us in for more details on this!


Watch the Ninja Challenge and pick up on as many details as possible!


Spend some time practising what you see in the video! Always ask yourself "How could I train to improve" 


Once you are happy with how much you've practised, use a mobile to record your best attempts! Always record landscape (sideways) and try get the whole body in frame!


Send us in your best attempt to our WhatsApp and we will send a video back with some feedback! :)

Striking Challenges

Striking is one of the three central pillars of Ninja Schools martial arts syllabus. We release a challenge a week along with a guide for the students and parents who wish to take part. 


We try to make the challenges as accessible as possible to all our students! All of the equipment you will need can be found in the house, however if you wish to buy striking pads or if you already have a pair you can use those instead!

Shuriken Challenge

Shurikenjutsu is another of the three central pillars of Ninja Schools martial arts syllabus. We have a bottle challenge for all our students as well as a shuriken making challenge using origami!

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 23.15.54.png

All of the equipment can be made at home using paper! And the targets require you to save old plastic bottles (preferable 1.5l / 2l bottles). The challenge first is to knock down five water bottles with ten shuriken from three meters away! Once you have completed this task your next challenge is to reduce the amount of shurikens you need to knock down all five bottles!

We also encourage our students to see what other things you can create using origami! There are hundreds if not thousands of youtube videos teaching you how to make incredible things! Send us in your best creations!

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