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Welcome to NinjaSchool

A Mixed Martial Arts and Coordination School
for young children

A fun, interactive and stimulating approach to learning.
South East London
SE12 8SS




Ninja School is a developmental Mixed Martial Arts & Coordination School for young children, co-created by the founding members and nurtured by the Students and Parents involved. Our aim is to create a unique environment where kids not only strive to improve themselves, but also to help those around them improve.

"We use a fun and interactive 'Ninja Narrative' to keep the children engaged and   stimulated. Every lesson includes problem solving games to sharpen the mind and   challenging exercises to strengthen the body." 

Ninja Cubs


Primary Education

Ninja School


Primary Education

Ninja MMA


Secondary Education


At Ninja School the students are taught a curriculum that is made up from various Martial Arts disciplines, physical conditioning exercises and mindfulness practices. During term time the students study three core Martial Arts disciplines:

Brazilian Jiujitsu - Grappling 

Kickboxing Taijutsu - Striking

Shurikenjutsu - The Art of throwing Ninja Stars

In our experience working with children they never approach learning with a single perspective and neither do we. Having such a varied curriculum at Ninja School encourages natural curiosity and makes every lesson exciting. 

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Our Ninja Way


"At Ninja School we integrate mind, body and heart practices. This is the type of education that very few of us get from mainstream schooling and yet it is exactly the kind of education that is absolutely essential today. Through the discipline of Martial Arts training, through the principles and mindfulness philosophies of Ninja School, we help kids to develop themselves holistically. We give them a safe space to be aware and develop; a space to move and a space to express.

We do this so that they can build healthier relationships, so they can be more In tune with their bodies and so they have the mental fortitude to let go of fears and listen to their intuitive wisdom - in this way preparing the next generation for a more empathetic, compassionate and conscious world."

Grading System


Ninja School's grading system uses Martial Arts as a vehicle to reinforce three essential life skills that will prepare our students holistically​:


Emotional intelligence (Heart),

Physical strength (Body)

Mental acuity (Mind).

For a complete breakdown of the grading syllabus click the button below or use the menu to navigate to the landing page and get introduced to what we call The Four Element Development!




Emotional intelligence, Social understanding and Equanimity.

Conditioning , Martial Arts training and physical intelligence.

Concentration power, Sensory Clarity  and Discipline.

"Mindfullness and Mastery through movement..."


If you are a Primary or Secondary School and are interested in collaborating with Ninja School or a parent who would like our classes in a location close to you we want to hear from you! 

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