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Remote Grading

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Dear Members,

Grading at Ninja School is usually a very hands on process. However because of the current situation we have opened up 'remote grading' where possible.

On this page we have given full instructions on how to apply for the remote grading and videos on progression tactics we use during our classes!


The process is almost identical to that of our 'Ninja Challenges'. The only difference is the filming. We must be able to clearly see the grading in order to pass the student. If the grading is not filmed in the way we ask we will not be able to award a pass. To make it as clear as possible we have made a 'Remote Grading Filming Guide', we appreciate many of you are not videographers but the instructions are easy enough to follow with a little practise.


Watch the Ninja Grading video and pick up on as many details as possible!


Spend some time practising. Remember improving our skills takes time and effort! Be prepared young Ninja!


Use a mobile to record your best attempts! We have to be very strict on how remote grading is recorded so please watch the filming guide before you start.


Send us in your best attempt to our WhatsApp and we will send a video back with some feedback! :)

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